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ILWS Working Group Meeting
02 August 2014
Moscow, Russia

    The ILWS Working Group meeting was held 2 August 2014 in Moscow Russia, in conjunction with the COSPAR meeting. We are grateful to our hosts for their efforts in organizing this meeting.

    Meeting Agenda and Presentations

      Welcome and agenda approval: P. Escoubet

      China Report: J. Wu | PDF

      ESA Report: P. Escoubet | PDF

      NASA Report: M. Guhathakurta | PDF

      Russia Report: A. Petrukovich | PDF

      CNES Report: J.-Y. Prado | PDF

      Germany Report: J. Buechner | PDF

      Greece Report: I. Daglis | PDF

      Slovakia Report: K. Kudela & I. Dorotovic | PDF

      Switzerland Report: W. Schmutz | PDF

      Heliospheric probes: coordinated science: M. Maksimovic & S. Bale | PDF

      COSPAR/ILWS Space Weather roadmap initiative panel: K. Kauristie | PDF