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ILWS Ionosphere Thermosphere Task Group Members & Charter

  • Dr. Roderick A. Heelis
    University of Texas at Dallas
    POB 830688 MS FO22
    Richardson, TX 75083-0688 USA
  • Dr. Mark Lester
    University of Leicester
    Dept Physics & Astronomy
    Leicester, LE1 7RH United Kingdom
  • Dr. Andrew W. Yau
    University of Calgary
    Dept Physics & Astronomy
    2500 University Dr NW
    Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
  • Dr. Harri E. Laakso
    Postbus 299
    Noordwijk, AZ 2201 Netherlands
  • Dr. Mangalathayil A. Abdu
    Instituto National Pesquisas Espaciais
    CP 515
    Sao Jose dos Campos, SP 12201 Brazil
  • Dr. Torsten Neubert
    Danish Space Research Institute
    Juliane Maries Vej 30
    Copenhagen, 2100 Denmark
  • Prof. Gurbax Singh Lakhina
    Indian Institute Geomagnetism
    Dr Nanabhai Moos Marg
    Mumbai, 40005 India
  • Dr. Koh-Ichiro Oyama
    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    3 1 1 Yoshinadai Sagamihara
    Kanagawa, 229 Japan
  • Pierre-Louis Blelly
    CESR-CNRS 6 impasse Aragon
    Balma, F 31130 France
  • Prof. Sergai Alexander Pulinets
    Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
    Cuidad Universitaria
    Delegacion de Coyoacan
    Codigo, Mexico



1. The ILWS IT task group (ITTG for brevity) is chartered by the
ILWS Working Group to perform scientific and programmatic tasks as specified
2. The ITTG shall be formed by the ILWS Steering Committee on behalf of the
ILWS Working Group
3. The ITTG has an initial term of seven months.
4. The ITTG shall report to the ILWS Working Group.
5. The ITTG shall receive direction from ILWS Steering Committee when the ILWS WG is in recess
6. The ITTG shall be headed by a Chair designated by the ILWS Steering
7. The Chair shall have the prime responsibility in organizing and tasking
the ITTG to perform the work and in reporting the findings and recommendations
to the ILWS WG and Steering Committee


The ITTG shall:

8. Review and prioritize IT science from the ILWS perspective and identify
measurement obejectives.
9. Develop a current inventory of relevant existing IT missions and future funded IT missions for the agencies participating in ILWS WG.
10. From 8 & 9 determine gaps and holes in IT science that are not addressed
by present set of existing or planned missions.
11. Develop scenarios and options whereby the existing missions
can be better coordinated under the guidance of a sound
scientific strategy
12. Develop a coordination strategy for planned new initiatives, with a view
towards maximal scientific performance and synergy

The ITTG may:

13. Recommend new initiatives and missions that have not yet
been considered by ILWS member and partner agencies.
14. Develop strategies for better coordination and collaboration with
ground-based ILWS assets, in consultation with other TG's. 15. Recommend ways to implement a more efficient data analysis
system in the context of ILWS


16. The preliminary report and recommendations of the TG to the ILWS Working
Group shall be delivered no later than October 31, 2003
17. The final report and recommendations of the TG to the ILWS Working Group
shall be delivered no later than January 31, 2004


18. The ILWS Working Group shall have rights to the name, logo, and any
other symbols of identification of International Living With a Star.
19. The ILWS Working Group shall ensure the probity of use of any studies
performed under its auspice, agreement, or name.
20. The ILWS Working Group shall determine the timing and form in which the
TG Report and Recommendations are published.