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    ILWS/COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap: "Understanding space weather to shield society"
    At the 2012 COSPAR general assembly in Mysore India, the ILWS Steering Committee and COSPAR Panel on Space Weather proposed the establishment of a Space Weather roadmap. The roadmap "Understanding Space Weather to Shield Society," whose objective is to identify key areas of research leading to a demonstrable improvement in service provision capability in the short, medium and longer term, is now available. The Space Weather roadmap study group was led by Dr. C. Schrijver (Lockheed Martin, USA) and Dr. K. Kauristie (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland). ILWS/COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap Website.
    Refereed Journal Publications
    (Access may be restricted to subscribers of each particular journal):

    - Articles on ILWS in Advances in Space Research, Volume 35, Issue 1, 2006

    - Papers from the ILWS-sponsored 2005 ISSI workshop "Solar Dynamics and its Effects on the Heliosphere and Earth" were published in Space Science Reviews Vol. 124, Issue 1-4, June 2006. Many ILWS missions and projects are described in the 25 articles comprising this special issue.

    Free Book: "The Sun, The Earth, and Near Earth Space"
    A Guide to the Sun-Earth System

    By John A. Eddy

    NASA Publication #NP-2009-1-066-GSFC
    Download full book (29 Megabyte PDF)

    Book Contents:

      Front Cover (PDF)
      Opening Letter and Dedication (PDF)
      Table of Contents (PDF)
      An Overview (PDF)
      The Sun (PDF)
      The Solar Wind & Solar Variability (PDF)
      The Near-Earth Environment (PDF)
      Fluctuations in Solar Radiation at the Earth (PDF)
      Variation in the Flow of Particles to the Earth (PDF)
      Impacts of Solar Variability (PDF)
      Effects on Human Life and Endeavor (PDF)
      Effects of the Sun on Weather and Climate (PDF)
      Forecasting Space Weather at the Earth and Beyond (PDF)
      Reflections (PDF)
      Appendices (PDF)
      Back cover (PDF)