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ILWS Steering Committee Meeting - Nice, France, April 13-15, 2003


Welcome from the director of the observatory.

1. ILWS Background and present organization

2. Potential ILWS contributions from 5 agencies on the steering committee

3. Potential ILWS contributions from the ~20 agencies on the working group.

4. Discuss and approve organizational structure, new invitations

5. Discuss and approve Task group structure and formation

6. Discuss obvious initial mission synergies and opportunities

  • a. get short opinion of task group chairs
  • b. plenary discussion on task group charters
  • c. division of meeting into topical groups following TG structures
  • d. plenary meeting discussing topical findings

7. Conclusion

8. Formation of initial recommendations

9. AOB

  • a. representation at the 2004 UN meeting (see SC AOB)
  • b. ILWS representation in other meetings

10. Open invitation to hold next meeting in Banff, Canada

On Tuesday morning (the second day), participants will break up into 4 groups corresponding to their interests in (1) ground-based, (2) ionospheric, (3) magnetospheric, or (4) solar/heliospheric studies.